The Fine Art of Getting Hired

As you may or may not know I recently graduated from college. (woooo!! yaayy!!!) While that's all well and good, now I must work on the task of finding someone who will pay me to do work--ideally work that I want to do! 

I have a confession. I am a dabbler. I love to try new things and learn new skills and I think it's important to be a well-rounded person. The issue, however, is that most people want to hire someone with expertise in one area. I personally have sufficient to great knowledge of many things, but not enough knowledge (*cough*years of experience*cough*) in any single area to be considered an expert. Thus, many positions are instantly out of my reach.

I've just finished my first round of applying, interviewing, and discussing potential jobs with many different employers. I snagged one catering position, but still want stable work. So now the process begins again.

Research, apply, call, interview, call, hope, (maybe call again), get responses, repeat.

But the more I look at one type of job the less interested I am and the more I want to do something else. It's an exhausting and discouraging feedback loop. Do I focus on positions that will guarantee a paycheck, or do I go all in on a personal passion that may or may not succeed?

I guess what I'm really saying is....
is anyone hiring for a position that requires a strong scientific background as well as an ability to work with one's hands making crafts or otherwise?

Maybe next time we meet I'll have met my goal of becoming a crocheting psycholochef who photographs her food, clients, and creations.


an actual image of the crocheting corner of my bed

an actual image of the crocheting corner of my bed