You Do You, Boo

Well, it's been over a month and let me tell you...SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.

The last time I updated this I was definitely struggling with this whole getting hired thing. Good news: it happened. I now officially work for two catering companies and..... guessed it! I was hired by a new restaurant that is opening in Westwood!

It's been quite a journey, but I think it will have been worth it. I got good vibes about this restaurant from the minute I walked in for my interview. Not only did the CEO welcome me and talk me through the values of the company, but the actual Q&A portion of the interview just felt like I was hanging out with friends. They even asked about my zombie apocalypse plan! About a week later I got a call from one of the managers. She and I chatted for a few minutes before we remembered she was calling for business--a job offer! I asked a few more questions and got nothing but positive responses so I accepted! Since it's a new place, starting training has been slow (waiting for health inspections, etc.), but after meeting the other employees I have nothing but high expectations for this job. Just goes to show that sometimes the thing you least expect will be the best opportunity.

In other news, I just finished editing my first wedding shoot! An old friend of mine contacted me in September in a panic because her photographer backed out due to a family emergency. With not much on my plate, I texted one of my friends about being a second shooter and not too much longer we montaged a 7 hour road trip up north. I had a blast all thanks to my pal (and second shooter) Alex and the newlyweds (you can see more photos here). 

On the way home, I stopped in Santa Barbara for a few days to see friends and have deep conversations about the universe. Overall it was a blessing and really helped my prioritize some things in my life. It's been a good month guys; ups and downs as usual, but all on a general trend of bettering myself and my life. 

Now I'm out for Taco Tuesday with the cuzzo. 

PS: Don't let weird middle aged drunk men at Halloween parties tell you that as a millennial you must be entitled when actually you're just really excited about new opportunities. You deserve what you work for.