Are you there god? It's me, Tinder

As I write this it is March 13, 2017, 5:40 am PST. I am surrounded by matching brown chairs that were bought in bulk made to create faux homeliness. Two of the nine fluorescent lights never turn off and a pair of baby grand pianos stare each other down in the corner. Beside the whir of ceiling, laptop, and AC fans, all is silent. I am alone.

Well, alone save for the unknown number of people sleeping in the rooms beyond this, unaware that I have infiltrated their home. If you had asked me even six hours ago, “Are you sleeping literally anywhere other than your own bed tonight?” I would have laughed in your face. Instead, here we are. Hopefully we can both laugh in my face.

Let’s roll back a few hours to a simpler time. It was around 12:30 am. I had just finished a closing shift at work. Made sure everything was in place for the morning, turned out all the lights, and collected my things ready for the sprint to the door after the alarm was set. beep-beep-beeeeeeep The timer began the countdown from 60. In mere seconds, I clock out, scamper through the lobby, and am out the front door. It clicks shut behind me and as I stride towards my car I ensure both doors are locked. Sleep is all that’s on my mind and my bed is only four freeways and no traffic away. I reach for the driver’s door, pull the handle and…

Nothing. Confused, I move my hand away and try again. Nope.

At this point you may be thinking “girl, you gotta unlock it, duh” and you’re not wrong. However, I have keyless entry; as long as the key fob is on my person, the car unlocks without pushing any buttons.

So here I am realizing I’ve locked myself out of my car and out of the restaurant because I left my damn purse on the desk not in my backpack. Thus begins the process of phone calls. First I try fellow supervisors as they have keys to the building; no answer. I call several co-workers with no luck of finding a place to crash nearby. Down to my last option other than catching a Lyft across LA, I make one more phone call.

You’ve heard of Tinder right? Well I love Tinder. I think it’s hilarious. I might have couple pointless conversations 98% of the people I talk to, but rarely more than that. Recently, I had coffee with a 2%-er. We chatted about everything from podcasts to dogs to the probable lack of hydration amongst college students. Little did we know that the next time we hung out it would be for 5 minutes at 1 am.

I called with fingers crossed tightly that he was awake. No answer. I finally resolved to just suck it up and pay for the Lyft. But just before I hit confirm I got a text, “sorry I missed your call I fell asleep”. There was hope! I quickly called and a groggy voice answered.

“Okay so this is going to sound stupid and crazy but I just locked my keys in the building I work in and I really don’t want to pay for a ride across LA and back so I there any way that I could sleep on your couch or something I totally understand if this is asking too much or you don’t have space but I figured you know fuck it I might as well ask” (and yes I did spout off all that information in one long run-on). There was a pause and a chuckle then, “yeah that’s fine. I’ll come pick you up.”

So, I spent the night in the lounge of his dorm curled up on a makeshift bed of two mildly comfortable chairs in a borrowed sweater and blanket. Soon the opening supervisor will arrive and I’ll get my purse.

The moral of this story? Bless Tinder, honestly.

Now I’m going to watch the sunrise or maybe snag a few more minutes of sleep.

2/12/2017, 12:58am

Mood Music: "Hello My Old Heart" The Oh Hellos

It's been roughly 4 months since I last took the time to reflect on the developments of my life. And my have there been developments! There are a few major life events that have happened in these short months and I think it's finally time I sat down and expressed myself about them.

Number one - the big one! - I got promoted! Not even two months after starting my job as Crew Member at SpireWorks, I was offered a promotion to Training Supervisor to help with the opening of our second storefront in Eagle Rock. I took the responsibilities by the horns and revamped the entire training program. I helped reach out to potential new employees and trained them over the course of four days. We had a stellar grand opening and I have since ensured that the store falls into a pattern of running smooth. I began stepping away more as a shift supervisor over the past week as the store settles and I have high hopes for it's success.

Before the new store opened, however, I had a chance to see friends that I don't see often. Many came round for a holiday party I hosted (which went swimmingly), and a handful of Silver Lake Band Camp friends stayed to hang out and go to Universal Studios. Later, one of my best friends visited all the way from the UK to stay with me. I took a week off work to drive Ellen all over California to see sights and eat food. Spending time with wonderful people was one of my favorite parts of 2016; there's nothing like surrounding yourself with people you love to recharge your batteries.

The final thing I want to talk about today is the amount of time I've recently spent on my own. This is the first time in my life I've pushed myself to better understand me. Think about it; in school you're with friends all day and family all night. In college you're either studying or partying with friends and if not either, probably sleeping. Now, on my days off I actually take days off. I don't have homework to catch up on or meetings to attend or a part time job to fill time. Just within the last few weeks I took a spur of the moment trip to Santa Barbara, hiked in Malibu, and stayed up until 3am doing my hair and makeup just for fun. I'm taking the time and effort to not only better myself, but also figure out who exactly I am and want to become.

(left) Me around 2:30 am; (middle) Two of my training groups after they completed their training; (right) Hiking in Malibu

Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure I'll see you around!


You Do You, Boo

Well, it's been over a month and let me tell you...SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.

The last time I updated this I was definitely struggling with this whole getting hired thing. Good news: it happened. I now officially work for two catering companies and..... guessed it! I was hired by a new restaurant that is opening in Westwood!

It's been quite a journey, but I think it will have been worth it. I got good vibes about this restaurant from the minute I walked in for my interview. Not only did the CEO welcome me and talk me through the values of the company, but the actual Q&A portion of the interview just felt like I was hanging out with friends. They even asked about my zombie apocalypse plan! About a week later I got a call from one of the managers. She and I chatted for a few minutes before we remembered she was calling for business--a job offer! I asked a few more questions and got nothing but positive responses so I accepted! Since it's a new place, starting training has been slow (waiting for health inspections, etc.), but after meeting the other employees I have nothing but high expectations for this job. Just goes to show that sometimes the thing you least expect will be the best opportunity.

In other news, I just finished editing my first wedding shoot! An old friend of mine contacted me in September in a panic because her photographer backed out due to a family emergency. With not much on my plate, I texted one of my friends about being a second shooter and not too much longer we montaged a 7 hour road trip up north. I had a blast all thanks to my pal (and second shooter) Alex and the newlyweds (you can see more photos here). 

On the way home, I stopped in Santa Barbara for a few days to see friends and have deep conversations about the universe. Overall it was a blessing and really helped my prioritize some things in my life. It's been a good month guys; ups and downs as usual, but all on a general trend of bettering myself and my life. 

Now I'm out for Taco Tuesday with the cuzzo. 

PS: Don't let weird middle aged drunk men at Halloween parties tell you that as a millennial you must be entitled when actually you're just really excited about new opportunities. You deserve what you work for.


The Fine Art of Getting Hired

As you may or may not know I recently graduated from college. (woooo!! yaayy!!!) While that's all well and good, now I must work on the task of finding someone who will pay me to do work--ideally work that I want to do! 

I have a confession. I am a dabbler. I love to try new things and learn new skills and I think it's important to be a well-rounded person. The issue, however, is that most people want to hire someone with expertise in one area. I personally have sufficient to great knowledge of many things, but not enough knowledge (*cough*years of experience*cough*) in any single area to be considered an expert. Thus, many positions are instantly out of my reach.

I've just finished my first round of applying, interviewing, and discussing potential jobs with many different employers. I snagged one catering position, but still want stable work. So now the process begins again.

Research, apply, call, interview, call, hope, (maybe call again), get responses, repeat.

But the more I look at one type of job the less interested I am and the more I want to do something else. It's an exhausting and discouraging feedback loop. Do I focus on positions that will guarantee a paycheck, or do I go all in on a personal passion that may or may not succeed?

I guess what I'm really saying is....
is anyone hiring for a position that requires a strong scientific background as well as an ability to work with one's hands making crafts or otherwise?

Maybe next time we meet I'll have met my goal of becoming a crocheting psycholochef who photographs her food, clients, and creations.


an actual image of the crocheting corner of my bed

an actual image of the crocheting corner of my bed

A New Start

I've decided to start blogging again. While this will be posted on my photography website, it won't always relate to my art. This particular entry is simply a stream of consciousness style post to introduce this new section of the site. 

I'm hoping this will give me a more productive outlet while I deal with the daily grind. It also hopefully will provide a simple way to keep people updated about my life. 

It's past 1 am at the moment and I want to look (well?) rested for tomorrow since I'm going to try to convince people that I'm worth hiring. So I guess that's it for now. Here's a lil treat for reaching the end. A poorly edited shot from my move that I'm very excited to work on more (once I get my laptop's been a long week..)

Oh no...again I need to work on my sign offs. so, uh, bye?